Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Ola handmade and California vintage

Happy New Year!!!! xxxxooo

Twenty Fourteen is the year for new goals and fresh ideas for this Aries Olabird!
The Ola studio is fluttering with new opportunities and the prettiest designs, and I cant wait to share them with you all, but before getting into the new....

I need to thank each and every olabird for the endless amount of support during 2013. Thank you for every comment, share, view, store visit, sale and event attendance! You are the absolute best! Your positive thoughts and energy will help the big push forward for Ola in the new year.

Soon to come, Ola handmade collections and Ola California vintage! Ola handmade jewelry and accessories will continue to be online on Etsy and in stores in Southern California. I have to spill a little and say, expect pretty stones and soft florals for the new season to come. :) xxo
Ola California vintage will include boho styles found in beautiful California, with the exception of a few "destination Vintage" finds. This shop will be open via Etsy in the middle of March 2014 and during this time you'll see a few giveaway contests, guest blogging and a couple partnership collaborations with some pretty amazing gals. Trying to get the big ball rollin! I've been so lucky to meet such talented people to learn from and be inspired by, I know you'll love our offerings and works to come.

As always, I love to hear from you and see you following on facebook, twitter and now instagram!



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