Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Winter Pantone 2013-14

To my Ola gals,

I cannot say enough how appreciative I am to have supporters and fans as awesome as my Ola birds! I'm currently designing, working on new metal pieces and sourcing crystals and gems that make you shine! The studio has been busy...and a bit messy! In the next couple of weeks, pictures will be shared and I would love your feedback on the new Ola treasures. Comment below, facebook, email or tweet me! :O) I love hearing from you all.

Ola will have a new Winter 13'/14' line out on October 20th and I have a big surprise featuring new additions to the Ola Etsy store. I hope you enjoy my offerings to come!

Peace, love and light!


 prefer pantones a?

or pantones b? 

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