Friday, June 28, 2013

it's show time!

It 's sum-ma, sum-ma, sum-ma time! (dancing in my chair) Can you tell I'm hyped?
I am loving the gorgeous weather, time spent with family and new & old friends. The warm weather is bringing out bright smiles and hott tans! ;) Starting with July, Ola gals will be soaking up the sun in San Clemente and Santa Barbara! Talk about scenic locations right?! I cannot wait!

Shop local and get crafty with us during the next two events!!! I'll have new one of a kind designs, summer hair accessories and very cool new displays I look forward to sharing.

See you there Ola birds!!! I look forward to it :)

I spy the artist series necklace above^^


check out OC Night Owl Creatives, show your support for local arts and crafts shows! 

Meet Your Makers for sustainable design and artisan markets! very cool collective,  check out their blog and events!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

AS-part 2

Happy June Ola birds! Summer is on the way!!
In early May I released some exciting news about working with a small group of very talented ladies for an Ola artist series collaboration of beautiful one of a kind, hand made jewelry and accessory pieces.

The first of many will be up this week of June 10th! Visit the Etsy store for the new sweet flavors of this summer season. I'll be updating the facebook page and blog with pictures and some promo codes on twitter but you must stay tuned!! :)  Trust me, you'll want to! This season is filled with pretty summer details and bold color that I hope you'll love!

I was able to sit down this weekend with my friend and artist to chat about her works to come, including new designs with Ola! A series of gorgeous hand painted pretties will be framed in a beautiful energy filled copper frame and chain. I'll be working on pictures and pieces today ready to add tomorrow and all week long. :)
This a great chance to get to know the super cute artist behind tealDOT. Meet Lynnei...

Lynnei of tealDOT Art

When did you start painting? 

I started painting about 3 years ago. However, I have done different forms of art for years. I started ceramics in high school and continued through college. I have also done some sketching over the years as well as digital art. I never thought I would be able to paint but finally decided to give it a go and fell in love!

Why did you start painting? 

Whenever I would travel and see beautiful scenery I would always say "I wish I could capture this moment in a painting". I have always felt that paintings can capture something even more momentous than a photo. I never did anything about it because I truly didn't think painting was something I would be any good at. I finally decided to take a landscape Chinese watercolor class and I had a knack for it. I was obsessed! From there I decided to try other types of paint and haven't looked back! :)

How would you describe your inspiration/style? 

I tend to be led by my emotions so I am influenced by anything that provokes a deep feeling. I may be inspired by laughter, rage, couples in love, tragedy and so much more. I think everything is an opportunity. Since I love painting landscapes I am also extremely inspired by nature. I would describe my personal style as more whimsy than realistic. I am very free form since I have no real training. I do what works for me.

What is in your studio that you can not work/ live without?

I don't actually have a "studio". I paint in my living room with an easel and all my supplies on my dining room table. I usually have photos for reference if I am painting an actual place or animal. Otherwise I just need my paints, brushes and canvas!

What is your favorite DIY project? 

I love DIY projects! I have two favorites. The first is a set of tile coasters I made for my mom and MIL. I used alcohol ink to color the tiles, printed my favorite photos and glued them to the tiles. After the were dry I used resin to create a glass like finish. They turned out great! My second favorite DIY is a canopy I made for my daughter's nursery. I used a foam ring, colored tissue paper, pins, mosquito netting and ribbon. I covered the foam ring with tissue paper balls and pinned them. I then put the ring into the mosquito netting and used ribbon to secure it. I hung it over my daughter's crib to create a fun, fairy tale like look to her room.

What is a new DIY project that you are dying to do?

Silk-tie Easter eggs! You cut up printed silk ties and wrap them around eggs. The eggs are then boiled. When the tie is removed, the design is supposed to be left on the shell. I have seen it done and they turn out beautifully!

Why collaborate with Ola? What can we expect from the collaboration? 

What I love most about Ola is that it is genuine to the core. Leslie doesn't compromise quality to make sales. It's about art, beauty and femininity. When I was approached to be apart of the artist series I felt incredibly humbled and honored! I think my whimsy nature will fit well into Ola's style. Expect to see pieces that are colorful, fun, and girlie! 

What can we expect next from tealDOT? 

tealDOT is a work in progress. It is life. I hope to continue to collaborate with Ola to bring you more fun pieces. I will also continue to paint and hopefully begin selling paintings in the near future. I am also a crafty girl and want to explore many different creative outlets! Check out my blog to follow me on my creative journey!

-Lynnei Seto Cuautle