Sunday, May 19, 2013

Artist Series - Part 1

The new Ola artist series is on the way, coming July 2013
I'm so happy to share this project with you all, Ola will be collaborating and mixing with a few talented artists for this summer and winter line. You will find one of a kind boutique pieces online on Etsy or a show near you! I've always admired artists that are able to accomplish such beauty with just canvas and brush,
so I knew I had to incorporate original art into this seasons designs. There was a calling ;)

While designing a few statement pieces, I took some 'inside the lab' pics while Ola's very first AS artist mixes and blends color pallets for the season.
PS. pics are loaded and shared on my twitter feed and the Ola Facebook page! 'Like and Follow'!

This did not happen purposely but all of the artists happen to be strong beautiful women! Grrr! ;)

Our first gorgeous Ola gal will be announced in just a couple weeks! I hope you enjoy this journey and I know you will find a new favorite artist along the way. :)

 Designs are coming to life in the Ola studio!
antique brass vintage bee charm
sun kissed Swarovski crystals

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