Monday, February 4, 2013

LAla Land

Hello Ola Birds!

The new year has brought change and with change comes opportunity!
That's what they say at least. :)

Ola is now in sunny California and is based in Los Angeles for 2013.
I'm a Cali girl so this change brings lots of sweet and a little sour in the mix. The move from Chicago hit really hard when I had to pass on shows and events, baaaaby let me tell you I did not like that feeling. I felt like I was missing out every show! This was very sour :/ Chicago does such a great job of embracing art and the very talented artists of the city. There is a strong and lively art vibe there and I look forward to returning for jewelry and craft shows spring of 2014!
I have mad love for my Chicagoans and will never forget the support at each and every Ola event.
I wouldn't have the knowledge, experience and love for Ola that I do now without the Chicago Ola birds!
Many Many thanks Chi town and you will see the new seasons collections of Ola in stores in the city and suburbs, lookout for a boutique list posting mid spring!

For the west coast, California seems to have lots in store for Ola. Its great to see new fans, old friends, lots of family, and a very fun 8 year old sister.
New collections are being sketched and put together for the in store presence of Ola this summer! Lookout for lots of pictures, notes on this journey and the boutique near you.

This awesome pic belongs to Nick Wooster of Tumblr, enjoy!

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Sale Alert! This Wednesday the Etsy Ola store will be marked down to 40% off all items!

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