Sunday, April 1, 2012

k is for kim

I have been absolutely obsessed with hair accessories! It must be the know this if you follow me on twitter,I can't stop tweeting about them! I just got a fedora(birthday gift to myself)designed by Eugenia Kim. Love,love me some Genie! I've dubbed her my sister from another mother.(cuz were both Korean,well her more than my half lol) Her wiki reports she's an east coaster w parents from Korea. I wonder if her household was anything like mine? The aroma of kimchi chi-gae in the air,broken English echoing through the halls... haha,I wouldn't have had it any other way! If you haven't seen Eugenia Kim hats and scarves your missin out babe. Beautiful colors,feathers,super cute adornments! In fact,her first hat was a feathery cutie to cover her shaved head due to a bad cut! I love bad ass women. It was history from there.
I love her classics best!

Take a look at the Eugenia Kim site, or her work for Anthro!

What'd you think? Are you a hat kinda gal?


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