Sunday, April 29, 2012

seoul berry

I added a new pretty piece to the Etsy store today, Seoul Berry.

Seoul Berry was inspired by the women on my mother's side of the family. These Korean women are fierce! I know it's where I get my roar from. :)

My grandmother has a passion for femininity with a dash of glam, like the radiant pink crystal. Everything she does is "like a lady" from her mani to her pedi! She has always given me confidence to be a woman.

My mother, she is the definition of hustle. When she sets her mind to's done! She can do anything and on her own. She has wisdom that can't be taught while being as fragile as beautiful lace. I see her in myself quite often, her drive and energy. This inspired the simplicity and strength in the design.

My aunt, she is everything creative, one of a kind and rad! She has a look on life that is wonderfully youthful but embraces every stage in her life. I look up to her view on life, it's always been...refreshing. I thought the blue hues and the handcrafted copper accented the fun and unique side of this design!

Seoul Berry. A radiant berry crystal with hues of hot pink and cool Mediterranean ocean blue. These crystals dance in the sun. I paired each crystal with handcrafted copper findings for positive energy.

Blessed Love to my family, I love you. raawwr!

Monday, April 16, 2012

put that spring in ya step!

This year has gone by so fast, I can't believe the end of April is near! A month filled with family visits, a new business, a birthday, a sick puppy, a trip to LA la land (pics and blog soon come), spring cleaning, seeing new friends and even some old.
Please know I'm not complaining, I''m so so fortunate, but damn, maybe I should have spaced this out a bit. :) 

Since spring insisted on arriving so soon, I really look forward to the sunny weather, flowers in bloom, great live music and new faces to meet! I've put my spring schedule together and am geeked for each and every show this year! I'll definitely be blogging and posting pictures along the way. 

Voila! May schedule! Expect the June schedule within the next few weeks :) 

Spring blooms inspired a few new pieces! Browse the newbie treasures at the Etsy store. 


Sunday, April 1, 2012

k is for kim

I have been absolutely obsessed with hair accessories! It must be the know this if you follow me on twitter,I can't stop tweeting about them! I just got a fedora(birthday gift to myself)designed by Eugenia Kim. Love,love me some Genie! I've dubbed her my sister from another mother.(cuz were both Korean,well her more than my half lol) Her wiki reports she's an east coaster w parents from Korea. I wonder if her household was anything like mine? The aroma of kimchi chi-gae in the air,broken English echoing through the halls... haha,I wouldn't have had it any other way! If you haven't seen Eugenia Kim hats and scarves your missin out babe. Beautiful colors,feathers,super cute adornments! In fact,her first hat was a feathery cutie to cover her shaved head due to a bad cut! I love bad ass women. It was history from there.
I love her classics best!

Take a look at the Eugenia Kim site, or her work for Anthro!

What'd you think? Are you a hat kinda gal?