Saturday, March 31, 2012

o for ola

Ola,Nigerian origin, and its meaning is "ancestor's relic; life, well-being; precious".

This blog is not created for the masses,for ad space,or clicks. It's for those who live culture.
Culture defined as a gem that can't be falsely duplicated. It's you,me,your grandmother...The swag in your step, the extra flair you have for fashion, the note you can only hit, the pattern you can only sew, the pie that only you can get right. This is what I define the gem as,your Ola culture.

 If you vibe with Ola and the above, your probably the girl that's sporting her mom's bangles from bombay,breezy boho dress,dancing to Marley with a spliff and a local in your hand. Welcome babe.

if you haven't checked out the new etsy store or the website, come on ova!

blessed love,

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